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The Nuke Bros Flash Group + A Little Bit About Myself

2007-08-18 12:55:39 by Dogzin

Heyy, Im Matthew Atkinson [[Dogzin is my NG alias]].
I Ran a Collab back in '06 that won Daily Fourth Award (^_^)!!!!
I did run it, I wasnt just (*IN*) it....

I can animate, but I tend to draw pictures that are "too good" to animate kind of... but I'm beginning to get over that ^_^

I am a member of the flash group ...The Nuke Bros We are a well skilled group of people and we are hand selected. "Anyone" can join i suppose but you have to have a certain amounth of skillz :P, we are a very friendly bunch, drop by our forum and see our chat section =]
It looks a little empty as one of our members took it on himself to try [[and phailed]] to destroy us